Pool Maintenance Service

Proper pool maintenance is a vital part of being able to enjoy your pool as it prevents algae growth, equipment failures, health hazards such as skin and eye infections and damage to the pool structure.

Filter Cleaning:

Keeping pool filters clean is essential for maintaining a clean, healthy and properly functioning swimming pool. As a general guideline, pool filters should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months depending on a number of factors, to include weather, swimming load and surrounding foliage. Here are some of the key benefits of regular filter maintenance.

Improved Water Clarity -

Clean pool filters effectively remove dirt, debris and other particles from the water. By trapping these contaminants, filters prevent them from circulating back into the pool, leading to a cleaner and more inviting water for swimming.

Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Service
Enhanced Water Quality -

Pool filters also remove microscopic particles, bacteria and other organic matter from the water. This reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses, skin irritations and algae outbreaks.

Optimized Filtration Efficacy -

Overtime, filters can become clogged reducing their effectiveness and restricting water flow. Efficient water flow is essential in distributing pool chemicals and preventing stagnant areas which can lead to algae growth.

Extending Equipment Lifespan -

Clean filters protect other equipment, such as pumps, heaters and chlorinators from accumulating debris causing clogs or damage. Maintaining proper filtration can prolong the lifespan of pool equipment and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Lower Energy Consumption -

Dirty or clogged filters can restrict water flow, causing pumps to work harder and consume more energy. Keeping filters clean not only lowers operating costs but also contributes to overall energy conservation.

Pool Pump Calibration:

  1. An approved pool professional will calibrate your qualified pool pump to circulate water at an appropriate speed based on the size of your pool.
  2. The proper calibration of the high- and low-speed settings will save you a significant amount of energy and money by working hardest during off-peak hours.
  3. When the calibration is complete, the pump will help keep your pool cleaner and provide the best water quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Pool Servicing provides is a full range of services to keep your pool sparkling clean and sanitary. These include Cleaning, Equipment maintenance/upgrades and Repairs.

While our full-service cleaning plan fits most families’ needs, our team is happy to work with you to develop a plan that best suits you and your pool.

Pool service pricing varies based on a number of factors to include the size and type of pool, the services provided and the frequency your pool needs care. Call us and we will have one of our trained professionals examine your pool, answer any questions and provide you with a plan to keep your pool ready to enjoy year-round.

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